UD Cool Kit With 10-in-1 Multi-functional Tool

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UD Cool Kit With 10-in-1 Multi-functional Tool

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Finally a kit that is small and handy to take with you! Introducing the UD Cool Kit!  It's a all in one kit from Youde, which comes with 10 useful tools. Very convenient to use, one single kit meets all your DIY needs. 

Colors: black, red

Please not that due to high demand with this product, colours are send out randomly. You will ether receive a black or red.

It comes with

  • Cutter Pliers
  • Ceramic Tip Tweezers
  • Phillips Screwdriver A
  • Medium Flat Bladed Screwdriver+Bottle Opener
  • Large Flat Bladed screwdriver+Wood/Metal File
  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Small flat Bladed Screwdriver+φ2.0 Coiling Pole+φ2.5 Coiling Pole
  • Allen Key
  • Phillips Screwdriver B+φ3.0 Coiling Pole+φ3.5 Coiling Pole