Compvape Seminole G24 Resin Box Mod ***Limited Edition***

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Compvape Seminole G24 Resin Box Mod ***Limited Edition***

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Warning! This Product is for advanced Vapers Only. In depth knowledge of Ohm's Law is essential! 

Please Note. Due to manufacture pricing policies, discounts can not be offered on this item. 

Manufactured in resin, the  Resin Box Seminole G24  from CompVape truly is a unique item, with only 400 produced!

We;ve been lucky to get our hands on 5 of these beauties!

Each Resin Box Seminole G24  are all numbered with a unique number and due to the design and manufacturing process each pattern is different.

This Resin Box Seminole G24 is 100% mechanical, working with two 18650 batteries mounted in parallel. To ensure a perfect transmission between the different elements of this box, the electrical circuit was entirely thought out of copper. This ensures both a high quality manufacturing, but also a very successful design. The switch is also one of the advantages of this box. It is thus magnetic, non-conductive.

Both battery positive pins are adjustable and pin 510 is adjustable for mounting on all types of atomizers. It has the advantage of being 100% dismountable , for a very easy maintenance. 

Please Note. Due to manufacture pricing polices, discounts can not be offered on this item. 



  • Highly Durable Multi-Color Resin (Burgundy/Black or Green/Purple)
  • All Copper Internals
  • Dual Adjustable Positive Pin
  • Non Conductive Button Post (Will Not Transfer Heat)
  • Dual 18650 Parallel Configuration
  • Completely Mechanical
  • Completely Disassembleable
  • Magnetic Button
  • 4 Strong Battery Door Magnets
  • Individual Serial Numbers (400pcs made with only 200pcs outside the US.)
  • Engraved G24 Logo On Front & Compvape Logo On Door
  • Fits up to 25mm Atomizer
  • Dimensions: 104 x 55 x 25 mm
  • Multicolored solid resin manufacturing
  • Connector 510 in adjustable copper
  • Box 100% mechanical and 100% removable
  • CompVape front panel engraved logo