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My Vaping Journey - Part 2

Hey guys, vaping donkey here again, sorry its been a while since my last post, had a few personal issues to deal with, all good now though and believe it or not, vaping helped the situation! But that’ll be another post :P


In this post I’m gonna talk about what really helped me stop smoking altogether…..tanks, mods, juices, and everything in between.


For a long time, like many smokers looking to quit, I was a “duel fueller”, I had an ego battery and a ce4 clearo, and I also smoked…..socially (lets just say i drank a few nights a week to be a social smoker) But then I had my battle with oral cancer and won and I knew I just had to stop.

So I went to a vape shop a few towns away because where I live, there wasn’t any at this point, and bought the innokin MVP v2…..an 11w/5v variable device with built in battery, this also came with an innokin 30b clearo, and FINALLY, there was the vape I had been looking for!! This set up, 2 years ago, set me back almost 70 quid!! But it was worth it in my eyes for my health and well being.


Finally I was off the stinkies and vaping full time, next was to find my juice of choice! At this point I had been vaping juice from the local supermarket, 18mg menthol, and it was terrible, but I didn’t know this yet!

I joined a group on facebook and noticed that there was different juice on the market, premium juice, homemade juice, 50/50, 60/40, 100%VG. What the hell did this all mean?! So I did my research and decided to go with some 50/50 heisenberg from vampire vapes and I was blown away! This was vape heaven!!! Why had I been buying trash from ASDA?!

And that was what got me 100% smoke free, I’m not going to say it was an easy task, but vaping has changed my life for the better for sure! And I’m so glad I spent that £70 on my first decent mod!

Next time I’m gonna talk a bit more about my vape journey up to where I am now with vaping :)

Thanks guys
Vaping Donkey

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