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Introduction to Vaping- My Story, Part 1

Hey guys, Vaping Donkey here :)
Just thought I’d write a little introduction about myself and how/why i started vaping. I’m 32 years young, live in a tiny fishing town in Northern Ireland that has zero (good) vape shops within a 30 mile radius and I have a beautiful 11 year old daughter.

I started smoking at the age of 15, I had dabbled in it before this but I can properly remember enjoying it at 15, going down the arcade, playing fruit machines till I got enough for 10 benson and hedges and a box of matches, and just generally thinking I was great!!

Well, fastforward 14 years and millions of cigarettes later and I find a lump on my tongue. Feels just like a normal mouth ulcer, I gargle with salt and water for a week, but this sucker is just getting bigger and angrier looking, so I go to my docs.

Oral cancer, me? Never thought I’d see the day! No way I’ll get cancer, as I puff on my 20 cigarettes a day. Well I did, and I suddenly realised how much I had to live for. On my 30th birthday I had the tumor cut out, and with no other surgery needed, I was actually cancer free!! A week later I’m going out with my buddies celebrating and I’m walking past the cigarette counter in Asda with my booze, and there’s that need for nicotine :( But I spotted something behind the woman’s head, no it wasn’t 20 Mayfair, it was Blu cig-a-like e cigarette. “Worth a shot?” I tell myself and I actually enjoyed it! I managed my first night on the booze without a smoke! I remember waking up thinking “if I can do that, I can easily give up smoking!”

So I stuck with the cig-a-likes for roughly…..am…..2 weeks…..but i needed more!!! Hahahaha

But that’s where we will leave it this week guys, keep checking back for more vape stories, reviews and tutorials in the future, gonna try make this a weekly or even bi weekly thing :)

Over and out guys and gals
Vaping Donkey

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