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Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA Review – Suck My Mods collaboration comes good!

Hello Vapers!

We’re back again for another European Vaping Supplies review! Today we’re moving away from box mods and back into the realms of RTAs and RDAs with a review of the Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA. We already have a video review of this great RTA on our Banjaxed Vaper YouTube channel (see video here & at the bottom of this post). However, we thought for those who don’t watch the YouTube channel it is best to summarise our thoughts in a post as well!

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Anyway, without further ado let’s dive in to this review.

With this RTA Wotofo have teamed up with the guys at Suck My Mod to build this crazy good tank for all us vapers out there. The guys at Suck My Mod clearly know a thing or two about vaping as they have produced a corker of an RTA that ticks all the right boxes!

What’s in the box?

Wotofo are known for making super-cool packaging and this it absolutely no different. The styling is simplistic but effective and the build quality of the box for this RTA is brilliant. It really feels like a premium product in your hands, like an iPhone box before you open it. This makes the anticipation for this RTA build even more.

Once we build up the courage to crack open the box we find the usual items in here. Wotofo as usual package their item well, with the key parts of the tank in recognizable slots inside so they don’t shift about during their travel to your hands. This ensure perfect quality of product for use.

Inside the box you get:

  • The RTA
  • Your drip tip
  • Three Clapton Coils
  • Two spare glass tanks
  • Some cotton; and
  • Instruction Manual (which is very comprehensive!)

Wotofo are always very good at giving spares and extras in their boxes and this has continued with the Serpent SMM RTA.

All the items look to be a great build quality, even the coils are Clapton so no need to use your own as these things can be built into the RTA and are perfect to provide the right quality of vape you need.

The RTA is 24mm in size so will fit pretty much any box mod you want to use it with – nothing out of the ordinary here!

Whats good about this tank?

Once the RTA is built one thing we really liked was the smooth design of the tank. It looks awesome in your hand and on a mod and provides a very clean look to your vaping device. The engraving inside the tank is also really cool and adds to that feeling of quality you get with Wotofo.

The 510 drip tip is smooth and easily slots into the top of the tank providing a comfortable vape without any sharp edges. The yellow-ish colour also adds something a bit different to the tank given its predominant black and silver colours. If you find condensation after use of this drip tip it is easy enough to clean with a piece of tissue. This is prevent the condensation ruining your next vape!

The assembly of this RTA is easy, therefore making it a dream to clean and maintain. We also fond the connection between the glass tube and the tank sleeve stable, again showing the build quality Wotofo have with their products.

The Wotofo Serpent SMM has two large airflow holes at the bottom of the tank which provide a strong and smooth vape for anyone using the device. We must say that the vape is slightly (although this is minimal) more restricted than other RTAs such as the GeekVape Ammit 25 RTA (likely its main rival in this space). However what we found in restricition provided a longer and smoother vape than its competitors. As such its all about personal preference.

We absolutely love the vape and flavour that comes from this RTA as well as that of the GeekVape Ammit. To us they are two different tanks. Given the longer more drawn out vape, we would use this when we’re feeling relaxed and chilled, not doing a lot with our day. On the other hand the Ammit would get used if we were busy and in a hurry and need that sharper and quicker hit with our vape!

The tank is 4ml in size which is ample amount of room for your eliquid. It certainly isn’t the largest tank in the world however it also isn’t small and suits our needs just fine!

The Serpent SMM is a single coil device. As mentioned it comes with Clapton coils which are perfect for use in the tank, however you don’t have to use Clapton coils in the RTA but you can also use regular coils just fine! For our review we used the Claptons however and had a super experience! Given they also come in the box we therefore think various kinds of Clapton coil will be best to partner with this tank.

When dragging on the Wotofo Serpent the vape is smooth and drawn out, but this does not take away from the flavour or the clouds that is produced at all! If anything we think it enhances the flavour you get from your vape which is an amazing feat from Wotofo.

What don’t we like?

We have to include this section to be clear – however we genuinely don’t have any negatives to mention with this device. Overall it is a perfect RTA designed with precision and providing a super vaping experience.

Based on this we are going to give this RTA a 10/10 for review! If you want to buy this tank you can find it here for £27.95!

Thanks as always for reading and feel free to comment and share the post with everyone!

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