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Wismec Reuleaux RX300 Gen 3 Vape Kit Review

Hello Vapers!

We’re back again for another review edition of our blog, this time we have the brand new WISMEC Reuleaux RX300 Gen3 Starter Kit that we are taking a look at for you all! This eagerly anticipated follow up to Wismecs RX200 vape kit is expected to be a corker and, according to the Wismec website, is meant to get rid of the flaws that the RX200 had. Let’s dive in and see if this review is a positive one!

What’s in the Box

The Wismec RX300 starter kit is a full spec kit which comes with the RX GEN3 Box Mod, 1x Gnome Sub-Ohm Tank, 1x 0.15 Ohm Dual Coil, 1x 0.2 Ohm Triple Coil, 1x USB Cable, and Spare Parts all included in the box. It is meant to be an easy to assemble, straight out of the box kit that can be used by both starters and seasoned vapers.

The only item you will need to purchase separately are triple 18650 vape batteries. We personally used the LG HG2 18650 batteries when testing this mod – however any 18650 batteries should do the trick with minimal difference.

What has changed?

One of the key differences with the Wismec RX300 GEN3 kit is that they have reduced the size of the mod significantly. For this we have had to lose one battery from the mod compared to its predecessor, moving from a quad-battery setup to a triple battery mod. This may be a cause for concern for high wattage vapers as fewer batteries means less power, however when testing the mod we found this really wasn’t the case and the Wismec kit easily gets up to its 300w max on the three batteries.

What you get instead having lost the extra battery is a vape kit which fits in your hand a lot easier than the old version, which is what put us and many others off using Wismecs previous generation more. As such we found we could pick this up and have a good vape experience throughout the day, rather than feeling like we were picking up some over-sized brick everytime we wanted to vape. This is a big step forwards from Wismec!

What else do we like?

This list could easily go on for ages – this mod is seriously so good! We’ll try and summarise as much as we can below…

The RX300 kit definitely looks the part – it’s colours and contours are highly distinctive and ergonomically it fits in the palm of your hand really well due to its reduced size. For us this was a massive win compared to previous models, and it is something you notice on unboxing straight away.

The look with the larger 1.3 inch OLED display also looks more futuristic and distinctive in our eyes. We absolutely love it! The display provides all the information you could want, and the standard Wismec mod button layout of main one at the top and two adjusting buttons at the bottom is consistent with other models to keep the vape kit looking on brand. The buttons themselves are easy to use and we found no issues of adjusting the mods vape to our likings.

One thing we think has definitely improved is the increased amount of colour on the mod compared to old versions. Wismec have managed to reduce the amount of black wrapped round the mod so that the new RX300 GEN3 TC Mod really looks distinctive and more colourful. This is obviously personal preference but we think it’s a step in the right direction.

In terms of design we also like the fact that the battery panel opens as a hinged door on the WIsmec mod. It’s a small thing we a back panel that pops fully off just shows a lack of innovation of design for us – so this upgraded feature is a plus! The hinged door also doesn’t make it difficult to put in batteries, they’re simple drop in and play style, so don’t worry about that!

What Don’t we like?

It’s very difficult to pick flaws with this starter kit, and what we have picked out is more of an oddity as opposed to a flaw in itself. The Wismec RX300 comes with the new Gnome Sub-Ohm Tank as its partner in crime. We found this a bit of an odd choice for the Wismec mod which is capable of hitting 300w of power.

The Gnome tank offers 4ml of juice capacity and works well and provides a great flavoured vape in both dual and triple coil fittings. However, what we found strange is that the Gnome tank can only handle up to 130w of power (when built with a triple coil, it’s only 90w if dual-coil is used). It seems a bit bizarre for Wismec to pair this tank with this mod when the RX300 box mod can produce over double the power the Gnome tank can handle.

In terms of the pairing itself when used to 130w, the Gnome tank works perfectly and provides a great flavor and some decent clouds. We tried it with our Bogan Brews juices and some Halo Purity elqiuid, both of which performed well at this level.

However, if you really want to amp up the power and use the mod to the max you’re going to have to buy a better RTA or RDA for this mod, one that can handle the 300w power. We wanted to test this Wismec vape mod to the max so we decided to use the FumyTech Navigator BX RTA. Suffice it to say, we were hugely impressed with the mods capacity to hit 300w off the triple batteries! The clouds produced were epic and the mod held out well to provide a great overall experience!


We absolutely love this starter kit and would give it a 10/10 in a heartbeat if it weren’t for what we consider the strange pairing with the Gnome tank. Based on this we have given the Wismec RX300 GEN3 starter kit a 9/10 as we think the mod itself checks all the right boxes with no flaws. The Gnome tank also is a great choice is you don’t mind being limited to 130w, however if you want to use this box mod to capacity then you will need a new RTA or RDA, one with a bit more oomph!

Thanks for reading our review – as always please comment and share our posts with others! If you want to purchase the Wismec Reuleaux RX300 vape kit then checkout here for only £69.95!

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