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What do vaping novices need to know about clearomizers?

While, here at European Vaping Supplies, we take great pride in our broad range of the best e-cig clearomizers, we also appreciate that many of you will appreciate some instruction in the basics of clearomizers and their use.

A quick introduction to clearomizers

Clearomizers are also often referred to as “tanks”, while to add further confusion, the term “clearomizer” is a contraction of the term “clear cartomizer”. It is a device that is screwed on a battery or power supply to deliver e-juice – or e-liquid – in a vapour form.

Clearomizers are not the only devices currently available on the market that serve such a purpose, with the other two main types being atomizers and cartomizers. All three device types work on the same principle of heating e-liquid to a vaporization temperature.

However, clearomizers are newer than the aforementioned types of device. They also tend to be cylindrical and incorporate a clear polycarbonate plastic or Pyrex glass tank. A clear tank enables the vaper to see how much e-juice they have in their clearomizer, while the e-juice is delivered to the heating coil via a silica wick.

The clarity of a clearomizer

While the term ‘clearomizer’ suggests a lack of opacity, the forerunners of the original clearomizers were actually metal. Indeed, it is the lack of filler material that truly defines a clearomizer.

Whereas traditional cartomizers feature an absorbent filler material for the purpose of holding the e-liquid that is transferred to the built-in atomizer, this filler is not present in clearomizers. Instead, a reservoir is used to hold the liquid, which is transferred directly to wicks that run through the heating coils.

While the same concept is used in modern clearomizers, it may be executed very differently from one model to the next.

As those who have browsed our assortment of some of the best e-cig clearomizers here at European Vaping Supplies can appreciate, modern clearomizers come in many shapes and sizes, but comprise certain consistent elements including a tank section, top section and chimney, drip tip, bottom section and coil.

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