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We couldn’t be more delighted to stock a wide range of Prohibition Potions e-liquids

You may have heard of the name Prohibition Vapes before – it emerged from an already very successful e-cigarette company here in the UK, and one that we have always admired here at European Vaping Supplies (EVS).

The story of Prohibition Vapes

The name of Prohibition Vapes was inspired by the ongoing debate about whether vaping should be legal in public places, or treated like smoking. As many enthusiastic vapers reading this will know, over in the US, some cities have banned vaping in all public places.

The good people behind Prohibition Vapes, in discussing what the implications could be of a ban on vaping in the UK, speculated that we could end up with a culture similar to that brought by the prohibition era in the United States, with the vaping equivalent of speakeasies.

With that, an already increasingly iconic name in vaping was born. But why should you sample some of the highly rated Prohibition Potions e-liquids that we are lucky enough to be able to stock here at EVS?

Prohibition Potions e-liquids simply have to be experienced

Let’s take a little tour of our current Prohibition Potions range to give you a sense of what you just can’t afford to miss out on.

There’s Bath Tub Gin, for example, which is a refreshing juicy lemon and lime concoction with a touch of menthol. Or why not sample Black Crack, with its intense hit of juicy blackcurrant, cooling menthol and a hint of aniseed?

We’re similarly big fans of Grace’s Secret, which offers a seductive mix of raspberry and cherry – again with a hint of menthol – and Moonshine Punch, which you can depend on to put you in mind of a cool, citrus cocktail on a warm summer’s day.

If none of those take your fancy, why not give Old Fashioned Strawberry Ice Cream a go? As the name suggests, it really is like biting into your favourite strawberry ice cream.

The best news about all of these Prohibition Potions e-liquids, though, is that each and every one of them is available at an affordable price right here at EVS. Sample those that most catch your eye, and let us know what you think!




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