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Voopoo Drag 157w Box Mod Review

Hello Vapers!

It’s time for another European Vaping Supplies review – and today we’re taking a look at the Voopoo Drag 157w TC Box Mod. This has been a hugely popular device lately in our store, actually being the most searched device in our store in the last 2 weeks, out ranking the Tesla Wye 200w TC Box Mod by 13%! We have already done a review of the Tesla Box Mod (here) – so check that out and compare if you’re interested.

We actually have the Voopoo Drag Box Mod on sale at the moment at European Vaping Supplies, down from £54.95 to £48.95! So snap up a bargain while you can!

Anyway, lets crack on with our review of the Voopoo Drag Box Mod and see how we found our experience testing this device to the max.


The Voopoo Drag box mod is a 157w medium-power vaping device aimed at the mid-market vaper who wants a powerful vape with strong clouds but doesn’t feel the need to have the super-high wattage mod like a Wismec RX300 vape kit.

With this mod it seems that Voopoo have gone for a more stylish look, wanting to be bold and stand out from the crowd. We actually find a lot of mods are doing this these days – like the Tesla Wye 200w and it’s bright colours the Voopo is full stainless steel with casing with the huge word “DRAG” on the right side of the mod and a colourful resin left-hand side which can either be Black, Red, Green, or Purple. We have to say it looks quite funky – but we like that! In reality mods need to be more ‘out there’ with their branding and design these days as the tech in each mod is so closely aligned. As such a great looking mod could be the difference between a homerun and a absolute flop in the vaping world today.

The packaging for the Voopoo Drag mod is clean and simple, saving the boldness for when you open the box and see the mod for the first time. The box is all black with the words “Voopoo Drag” on the front in bold font. Straight to the point and simple makes it very appealing we have to say – it’s almost like a more Apple-style design of the packaging, being as minimalist as possible.

Inside you have the usual culprits:

  • 1x Voopoo Drag Mod (without battery)
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Warranty Card

Nothing out of the ordinary, but the star of the show is clearly the mod.

What is the build like?

Overall, this mod feels weighty in your hand (298g with batteries) which is likely down to the zinc alloy design. The mod itself also is very box-like with sharp edges and so is not as ergonomically designed as some of its competitors (think GeekVape Aegis 100w with it’s rounded corners and leather grip). As such the Voopoo isn’t the most comfortable to hold, but then again the GeekVape mod is VERY stiff competition and is smaller in size than the Voopoo because it is a single battery device. In reality this is mod almost has an old-school, retro vibe – which the resin side design also complements. We like this a lot.

Nevertheless, we have to say the mod itself wasn’t difficult to use all day when we tested it out and it felt comfortable enough in your hand. Again we think the key here is the looks and the power that this mod offers compared to rivals.

What is the vape like?

The Voopoo is a dual 18650 battery mod which has higher power output than its GeekVape counter-part and so will actually appeal to people more because of the more powerful vape you can get. This is one area where the Voopoo does not disappoint at all. Coming back to build briefly, the battery door is magnetic and very easy to remove to slot in your batteries. The build quality of this element of the mod is very good for which we say kudos to Voopoo!

The mod itself has a 24mm width and 510 connection, so will fit most tanks but not some of your bigger boys. For this review we used the CoilArt DPRO RDA. We found this tank worked very well with the Voopoo mod and provided excellent flavor throughout the vape.

Overall the mod provided consistent power output and didn’t seem to lug or lag when asked to vape. It was a very responsive vape and you can really tell the difference when cranking the power up to the max.

The mods accuracy also seems markedly improved compared to other mods. While not as stylish as some mods, with only a small OLED screen, the accuracy of the resistance reading, and the speed that the box mod reads, registers, and fires is excellent! Voopoo clearly have a good chip set in this device as the adjustment options work brilliantly. It’s very difficult to find a fault with the way this device functions at all if we’re honest. It’s actually one of the best performing mods we have used recently, which is a big ask considering some of the great TC mods that have been released recently.

Overall Thoughts

Overall this mod is a cracker from Voopoo. We find the retro look rather cool and something that will stand out from its more curved rivals. It’s performance is superb with the chip-set performing at the top-end of the market.

The mod itself is slightly too thin for our liking and a 24mm tank looks fine, but not as great as say a 22mm would look. Most tanks these days are 24mm that we use and we think this ruins the look of the mod slightly.

As a final thought, there is very little wrong with this device and that is the reason it is selling so well and there is so much chat about it in the forums. There are a few nit-picky points that we have covered about the device but we would still give this a 8/10 rating which is excellent!

Let us know your thoughts – comment on this post and share with as many people as possible!

Team European Vaping Supplies

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