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Top tips for making your coil last longer

We all love to vape here at European Vaping Supplies and understand how frustrating it can be to constantly have to replace important parts of your vaporiser. That’s why we all practice good maintenance and only use the best quality components for our vaporisers.

If you can’t budget for constant coil replacements, here are a few tips to help you to make the most of your coil.

Only use quality products

The first thing that you can do is invest in a product that you know will last you a long time. The market for vapour coils has grown exponentially, creating a wide variety of different competing coil brands.

Some manufacturers provide very cheap options for people to buy, which might seem like the preferable option, but they will ultimately only last you a few days if you’re lucky.

Some of these cheap substitutes can come packaged with inferior wicking material, creating a foul flavour from your e-liquids, and even come shipped completely non-functional.

When it comes to replacement coils, we exclusively supply high-quality brands that will keep your vaporiser in full working order for much longer.

Clean the coil regularly

Simply giving your coil a regular clean can keep your vaporiser at peak efficiency, and there’s no excuse for not doing it.

Cleaning a coil couldn’t be simpler; just blow the excess juice off and rinse the coil under hot water, then connect it to the battery and give it a few blasts. Press the fire button until the light is orange, then release. Do that a few times, then push in rapid succession for about 20 seconds and you will have cleaned away the built up gunk on the coil.

Avoid a dry hit

A dry hit is what happens when there isn’t much e-juice left – or none at all – for the coil to heat. What happens instead is that the coil will start to burn the wicking material, which can cause an awful taste over time. The coil may not be broken, but this bad taste will taint the liquids that you use in the future, which will make you want to replace the coil as soon as possible.

To avoid this, keep on top of how much liquid you have left. Regularly check how much is available and if there is still a tiny bit left, top it up anyway. Don’t take any risks.

We’ll help you to save money on replacements

To learn more about how you can build a vaporiser that will last you for years, simply contact our team here at European Vaping Supplies today. We’ll give you the impartial advice that you need in relation to both vaporiser building and coil care.

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