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The Ecigarette Industry is BOOMING - Nothing can stop its growth!

Hello Vapers!

We hope you’re all having a vaping good week and looking forward to the weekend! We’re going for a more traditional style thought-piece today on our blog as we want to provide wider thoughts about the vaping industry, rather than solely reviews. Our blog is a place where we want to provide you with as much information as possible and therefore we don’t want to just limit ourselves to reviews.

Recent data released by the Official of National Statistics in June 2017 (link here) showed that e-cigarette use in the UK is growing at a strong rate with 2.3m people vapers in 2016 compared to 2.2m people in 2015. Looking at the data 98% of those who vape used to be ex-smokers or still currently smoke as well as vaping. This leaves only 2% of those who vape being people who have never smoked. These results are consistent with expectations in the market as vaping is still broadly seen as a way to quit smoking but still enjoy a nicotine hit, with a better flavour and less medical harm to your body.

How does it compare to smoking?

When compared to smoking however the picture becomes even rosier for the vaping industry. Smoking is in a long term decline with users at an all-time low and expected to continue falling. This is because there is so much health data out there now that shows how harmful smoking is for everyone, not just those who smoke but also those passively inhaling cigarette fumes!

Certainly the smoking ban has also not helped the situation for smoking and the decline has increased rapidly since that came into place back in July 2007. A key consideration is also that those who are growing up in a smoking ban society, which is also a society that is so inter-connected via the internet, the youth of today are growing up aware of smoking’s negative effects and are therefore more likely to be attracted to vaping because it is safer, more technology focussed, and has a huge variety of wicked flavours that can be tasted thanks to amazing eliquid manufacturers such as T-Juice, Halo Purity, Dinner Lady, and many more.

Vaping gaining more scientific recognition

There are also more studies coming out from the likes of the NHS (see February 2017) that are now proving there are not long-term negative side effects of vaping. These studies are being hailed as “landmark” for the industry and we couldn’t agree more! The more people become aware that ecigarette use is safe and harmless the better the industry will fare and the more it will grow. We don’t see the growth stopping any time soon and expect to see business grow strongly for many years to come!

The beauty about e-cigarettes as well is that you don’t need to enjoy vaping and be an addict as well. Vaping can be done without nicotine in your liquid and therefore it opens up the market to those who just want the great flavours and casually vape. We see more and more young adults vaping in this manner and this segment of the market will definitely take off over time.

But will lobbyist’s spoil the party?

One key concern of ours is that there are still so many health lobby’s in the UK and abroad that are against vaping and are trying to fight against the use by the public. Considering we are a world that has permitted smoking, alcohol consumption, and now some places are legalising cannabis use (all of which have been shown to categorically harm the body) we find it truly hypocritical for vaping to be scrutinised and bastardised by these lobbyists who stand by and let people continue on consuming these actual harmful substances.

Having now fully settled into TPD life since May 2017, we can say in reality the vaping industry hasn’t changed much. Manufacturers and producers have found way to get around TPDs regulations by focussing more on concentrates or building smaller tanks with adapter attachments to increase their size. As such we expect more regulation of vaping products globally in the future.

On one hand this is welcome because, as a retail business in this space, we only want to sell the best products and we want our customers to have the best experience with what they buy from us. More regulation will mean safer products.

However, the problem is if this future regulation stifles innovation in the industry or forces manufacturers such as GeekVape, Joyetech, or anyone else to essentially be cornered into manufacturing the same mods, tanks, and accessories. It is also a worry that regulation will go too far and limit our freedom of choice as human beings by banning vaping, which is a harmless past-time now for so many, not just in the UK but globally with now well over 50m users of ecigarettes across the world.

There are signs we have turned the corner with vaping and its perception is beginning to improve around the world. But I feel the road may be a long and uncertain one for the industry with many struggles and facing many battles to ensure our great industry can keep growing at the rate it is today! Nevertheless, we are certainly optimistic at European Vaping Supplies that in the end the truth will win out and whilst all this is going on we are going to continue enjoying the ride and providing all of our customers with the best vape mods, starter kits, eliquids, and other products that the world has to offer!

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Team European Vaping Supplies

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