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Tesla Wye 200w TC Box Mod Review – The Lightest Vape Mod Ever!

Hello Vapers!

We’re back for another review post on the latest vaping hardware – and today we’re looking at the hugely popular Tesla Wye 200w TC Box Mod! This mod has been out for a month or so now and has been absolutely flying off our shelves, ranking as our highest sales generator since the 1st of July 2017 (last 40 days as at the time of writing)!

Tesla are a hugely popular brand who seem to have smashed it out of the park with their latest TC box mod. However, is all of the hype well placed? Or has it just been good marketing in getting their Tesla Wye box mod in front of the right people. That’s what we’re here to find out!

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

What is in the box?

On opening the box you find the usual inside for a TC box mod:

  • The Tesla Wye 200w Mod;
  • A micro-USB Charging cable; and
  • An Instruction manual

We personally tested the green Tesla mod, and the colour is the first thing that hit’s you when you open it up. The vibrancy is unreal and Tesla has really tried to make this mod stand out in a crowd. We can only assume this is because they want people who are at vape expos, vape jams, or other crowded areas to really be distinctive and for everyone else to know “that is a Tesla Wye box mod they’re using”. Based on the colour, we’re sure that will happen!

We actually don’t mind the brightness of the mod itself. If you’re not into that style then there are black and white version of this mod you can buy. We actually really like the overall design of this mod with the small paints splatters contrasting with the main colour, we think it looks the part! There is also a large engraved “TESLA” on the side of the mod which is subtle and blends in nicely but looks cool and feels great when you hold the mod. First impressions therefore are very positive with this one!

What did we like?

So on to the more techy stuff. The Tesla Wye mod purports to be the lightest box mod around. But is this true? It certainly may well be for a mod of this power – it is only 65 grams after all! 200w is a mid-range power box mod that is built for the mass market and the mod itself feels particularly light when you pick it up. We used this for a few days as part of our testing and we have to say we did notice that it was a more pleasant vaping experience than usual with a mod that had less weight behind it.

Tesla has also made this TC mod very simple to use and hasn’t pushed the boat out in terms of functionality of the mod. Two large buttons are prominently implanted at the top and bottom of the mod, the top is your “lets vape” button, the bottom being your control to adjust the device settings. This works fine and we didn’t experience any glitches or stickiness in the buttons as overall the build quality was very good, which is nothing less than what we would expect from Tesla!

As this is a Box mod only and not a full vape kit you have to use your own RTA/RDA. For this review we used the Maximus Max Oumier RDTA. The mod will fit nicely with most vape tanks – we just fancied a slight change up from usual here. Overall the experience and clouds created by this mod were great. We ramped the power right up to 200w and didn’t notice any drop in power or consistency when used at this level for prolonged periods. We really cannot complain about much with this mod! It seems like Tesla have created a little gem here!

The mod itself takes dual 18650 batteries (purchased separately) which provide ample box for the mod. You insert the batteries via the pop out rear panel on the mod. We prefer hinged panels for some reason (very knit-picky we know!) but the batteries easily slot in and are ready to go in seconds.

One cool feature of the Tesla Wye mod is that the batteries can be recharged within the mod. Usually we prefer to always use an external charger such as the Nitecore Intellicharger, just for safety reasons (as explained in a previous post here). However the in-built charging of this mod has a cool feature in that it will charge your batteries up to 4.2v, then discharge them to 4.1v before rebalancing to 4.2v again. It’s quite cool and techy stuff but this apparently keeps the batteries in a better condition for longer and also stops overcharging and the risk of blow-ups. It very impressive what Tesla have managed to do, making an extremely light box mod that also has some awesome tech features for such a good price at £49.95!

What didn’t we like?

There is not a great deal we don’t like….this box mod is seriously good! It is one of the best box mods we have used in ages and we will continue to use this regularly for the foreseeable future as an everyday vape mod.

One element we thought Tesla could do better was the display on the mod. The small screen is very basic and doesn’t push the boat out much with innovation and design. We see other mods these days with larger OLED displays, providing more options and information for the user. Tesla has decided not to get in on that party just yet with the Wye box mod – but maybe that is something for the future?


Overall this mod is simply stunning, there is no two-ways about it. It has been selling like hot-cakes for the last month and a bit and from the looks of things there is every reason for this. Tesla have made an incredible mod that looks great, feels great, is super-light therefore making it un-burdensome to use everyday, and provides a great vape with a strong power output for most vapers. It is for this reason we have to give this mod a 9.5/10! This is our best rating yet so well done Tesla Box Mods!

You can purchase the Tesla Wye 200w TC Box Mod from use here.

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