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Removable Vape Battery Safety – All You Need to Know

With all the technological advances constantly happening to vape box mods it is no surprise that safety for consumers is a key focus area for the media. You don’t need to look far to find stories about box mods exploding in a persons hand or causing bodily damage to someone. Quite often the causes of these incidents are batteries, which are undoubtedly the most dangerous part of vaping equipment. While a lot of you are unlikely to have such an experience (thank god!), there are some who will. Given the danger in whatever vape kit you own, care should be taken and risks should be minimised.

Because of this, the team here at European Vaping Supplies decided it is about time we provided our customers and readers an “all you need to know” about vape batteries and safety so that you all never experience an incident like those in the stories linked above.

We’re going to focus on removable vape batteries, as the vape kits and mods we provide our customers mainly use this type of battery. We’ll look further into mistakes often made by users, and how to make sure you don’t fall foul of these costly mishaps.

In honesty most bad experiences with vaping equipment is down to user error. These days the vaping industry and products are heavily regulated so that certain safety standards have to be met, making it highly unlikely that you will receive a faulty mod.


Removable Batteries

Removable batteries are used in most brands of mods these days, especially in SMOK and Eleaf ones for example. These batteries are often long, cylindrical batteries paired up in your mod to provide it with power. Quite often they are also rechargeable – making them more economical than disposable batteries (another type not covered in this article).

These batteries come in 18650 or 26650 bundles. Our personal favourite is the Efest IMR 26650 battery for its durability and consistency of power flow. However, it is crucial that you make sure you are using the right battery for your mod, therefore do some research before you buy to save a nasty incident or wasted money on batteries.

There are different types of removable battery: ICR, LiPo, or IMR – again highlighting how important it is you make sure you buy the right one for your vape mod.


What goes wrong

There are many things which can go wrong with batteries and key common mistakes users make. Below we have summarized these so hopefully you won’t make any of these in the future, keeping you as safe as possible.

  1. Carrying batteries loose: Vapers often carry batteries loose in their pocket or purse, instead of using a battery case. On the face of it, loose battery are not unsafe, however it is everything else in your pocket or purse that can make the battery unsafe. For a battery to be safe its protective wrap needs to be unscratched, with none of the battery exposed. The easiest way to create a fire in your pocket is for key or coins to come in contact with the metal surface of a battery and create an electric circuit!

We therefore recommend always using a battery case to carry your batteries. Most manufacturers will have cases for their batteries. An example of this would be for the Efest batteries we mentioned earlier, you can buy a specific Efest H2 battery case.

  1. Buying knock-offs: We have always found it key to stick to reputable brands and pay slightly more for a good quality product – it’s the same with anything in life – you get what you pay for. Unknown brands will likely not have the same build quality or adhere to the same safety standards as other batteries or battery charging packs. Especially with charging packs, it is quite often that the cheaper products will overcharge your battery which increases the risk of explosion once turned on!

To mitigate this a smart charger like the Nitecore Intellicharger D4 is recommended to charge your batteries. A smart charger is one which will stop charging once a battery has reached optimum charge levels.

  1. Temperature fluctuations: Large changes in temperature (either very hot or very cold) can affect the stability of a battery. It can seriously damage a device which may lead to explosions. Try and keep your batteries between 10 and 45 degrees Celsius (50 – 115 Fahrenheit).
  1. Ohms Law: A whole article could be written on Ohms Law, however this will come in the future. Nevertheless understanding Ohms Law is crucial to battery safety for a vape enthusiast. Put simply you need to NEVER exceed the amps of your battery. To make sure of this divide the voltage level by the coil resistance (ohms) and make sure you never exceed this amp rating.

Always remember the equation: AMPS = Voltage / Resistance

  1. Placing batteries in the wrong direction: This can be a common mistake people make and an absolutely critical one if your mod does not have reverse polarity protection! Reverse polarity protection is in most electrical items, it is what stops the product from working if batteries are placed in the wrong way. However, not all vape mods come with this so care needs to be taken to insert batteries in the right way, because if they aren’t then the mod will be prone to overheating and exploding!
  1. Over-discharging your batteries: Believe it or not batteries do not do well when fully discharged. Taking all of the power out of your battery before recharging actually makes the battery lose life in the long-run and can damage its integrity as the battery gets weaker. Again this makes the battery prone to causing issues with your vaping device.
To overcome this learn how long a full charge lasts in your mod, then make sure you recharge just before that point. Again, using a smart charger can help as it allows you to know when batteries reach a specific voltage and therefore need recharging. If you vape regularly you should also be able to tell by the power and flow of vape when you use your device. As a battery decreases in power the flow will be considerably worse.


  1. Coils touching the top cap: We see this quite often with newbies to building their own coils and the damage to their device can actually be more serious than to the batteries in this instance. Nevertheless damage to your mod will create an unsafe environment and therefore risk your batteries sustaining damage as well. A coil touching the top cap creates a hard short in the device. This will have a number of effects, however you will most likely be able to tell as your vape will taste horrible!

To get round this issue make sure you fully understand how to properly perform a vape build, as well as have a basic understand of electricity. If you need to learn then we advise watching YouTube videos which easily guide you through step-by-step.


So there you have it! Removeable battery safety summed up concisely for you! Make sure you avoid these common pitfalls and you should have no problem vaping safely.

 As always, comment on the article and share with friends! We want to spread the word about such an important topic to as many people as possible.


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