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How to determine whether single coil or dual coil is right for you

Vaping brings with it a wide range of terms to contend with, not least among which are ‘single coil’ and ‘dual coil’. Here at European Vaping Supplies, we are proud stockists of single coil and dual coil replacement heads alike, so we thought it would be a good idea to clarify exactly what they are and consider which option is the best for you.

A summary of the differences between single coil and dual coil

To understand the differences between these two types of coil, it naturally helps to know what a ‘coil’ is – this being the heating element in an atomizer, cartomizer or clearomizer. The coil exists to transfer heat to e-juice, thereby turning it into a vapour.

The principle of a single coil and dual coil is very simple – the latter involves power being delivered to two coils rather than one. However, dual coil configuration involves the power or wattage being equally split between two coils.

A good way to think about the difference is by likening it to that between a two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive car – the former involves energy from the engine only being transferred to one axle, while in the case of a four-wheel-drive car, energy is divided between the front and rear axles.

Naturally, the two-wheel-drive car is the equivalent of the single coil in this analogy, and the four-wheel-drive car is the dual coil. But which is the best option for your own needs?

What are the pros and cons of the different arrangements?

Whether you go for a single coil or dual coil configuration for your own vaping depends on your exact priorities. If your biggest priority from vaping is lots of vapour, there’s no question that dual coil tends to be the better option, because of the amount of contact area between the e-juice and the coils. When two coils are immersed in e-juice, they transfer heat faster, which results in more vapour.

One big reason to stick with just the one coil, though, is battery consumption. Batteries typically become depleted faster with a dual coil arrangement, and with all other things being equal, e-juice consumption is also much lower with a single coil. Dual coils are also more complicated to rebuild than single coils.

Whichever arrangement you prefer – single coil or dual coil – we can cater to your most specific requirements here at European Vaping Supplies (EVS). Whether you are looking for single coil or dual coil replacement heads or any of a wide range of other vaping products such as e-liquid, kits or tanks, there’s no need to trust any store other than ours!




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