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Our Beard e-liquids bring a taste of Californian cool to every vape

Given that e-cigarettes are still a relatively recent invention – the first one having only been sold in 2004 – you might not have expected a broad range of iconic e-liquid brands to have already sprung up.

Well, there are almost certainly many amazing and well-regarded e-liquid brands out there already, and there’s one in particular that we just have to mention here at European Vaping Supplies (EVS), not least because it has come to prominence so quickly and is the epitome of Californian cool.

That brand is Beard Vape Co, which was only started in March 2014 but has already long won the admiration of vaping enthusiasts the world over – so of course, we just had to stock a selection of the most acclaimed Beard e-liquids right here at the EVS online store.

So, what’s so special about Beard e-liquids?

If you want to experience some of the most delectable and innovative e-liquid flavours to be found anywhere in the vaping universe, you’ve certainly come to the right place in checking out our generous selection of Beard e-liquids.

Beard Vape Co may have pretty humble origins – having started in the back of Nana’s Vape Shop in Venice, California – but that didn’t constrain the ambitions of the two brothers behind the brand, Brady Bates and Casey Bates, and their close friend Colbey Pfund.

The trio realised that they were capable of creating e-liquids as good as those they were already selling, and duly got to work on the creation of various flavours that visitors to the vape shop couldn’t stop enquiring about.

The “Beard” name itself was taken from Brady and Casey’s father’s nickname, and before long, Beard Vape Co was very much ‘go’. Today, its e-liquids are sold across six continents, with vaping lovers frequently marvelling at the taste of such alluring flavours as No. 5 (cheesecake and fresh strawberries), No. 51 (vanilla custard) and No. 64 (hibiscus and fluffy pink cotton candy).

Why not try out a Beard or two for yourself?

Whatever your opinions on facial hair may be, we suspect that you will be a big fan of what we reckon might be the best thing to come from those laidback Californians since... well... anything.

Shop at EVS today for your own Beard e-liquids, give them a go and then get back in touch with us to tell us what you think!




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