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Lost Vape Drone BF Mod Review - New Squonk Mod

Hello Vapers!

Today we’re looking at the eagerly anticipated Lost Vape Drone BF Squonker Mod in our review. We have yet to do a full video review, however this kit has proven popular with our customers so far that we thought we would put a written review up there and follow it on later with a YouTube review of this vape mod.

As usual, we know you’re all busy people so we will be short, sharp and to the point with our review!



The Lost Vape Drone is a 166w mod which is bottom fed (hence the “BF” in the name – duhhh) and runs off dual 18650 batteries. The mod itself holds 11ml of internal juice and utilise some of the latest tech to achieve its vape and give the user maximum control of their experience.

Lost Vape are known for their high quality devices and this Drone mod is no different. It is at the high end of mods and costs a pretty-penny, but if it this type of mod is your thing, you can’t get much better!

The vape mods box is minimalist and stylish and the contents are the same. When opening up the box you’re greeted with the awesome looking, chrome-finished Lost Vape device; a micro-USB charging cable, and an instruction manual.


Features & Design

As mentioned already it provides up to 166w of power. When using the mod it really doesn’t struggle to provide this power either. Our vape when using on max wattage was smooth and consistent, as we would expect from a manufacturer like Lost Vape. The temperature ranges from 200-600 Fahrenheit, with voltage between 1-6 volts. The device is marketed as a squonk-ready mod and this could not be more true. It has a 510 squonk-ready pin and a build quality that is solid and weighty. The 510 pin is located in the centre of the device which allows you to use both regular atomisers, as well as bottom fed ones as well.

We’ve tested out the mod and we have managed to fit a 40mm atomiser onto the mod – although we prefer using more regular sized 24mm ones in reality. The CoilART DPRO RDA is one of our personal favourites at the moment! Nevertheless, there is minimal overhang with the 40mm one.

The mod has a great OLED display and the buttons on the front are very user friendly. The micro-USB port is also on the front to provide everything you need in a simple package.


What do we like?

The device looks absolutely stunning. We love chrome devices and this one is no different. It’s build quality is second-to-none and we found that the mod itself is well designed in terms of its shape. We found it fit really well in our hand, better than some of the other square mods we have used previously, giving us a better overall experience.

We found the device itself was easy to use and the instructions simple to follow for a newbie. It’s also a device you can easily big up and use for pro-longed periods without any need to change mods because it provides such a wide variety of wattage for all your moods. The software itself also allows you to tune the device to your exact preferred specifications which is a big bonus as this will make it more appealing to a wider range of people.


What didn’t we like?

Overall this is a great vape mod and there wasn’t a whole lot wrong with it. There was however one bug-bear that we had with the device. That is that the squonk bottle is located in a difficult place for a right-handed vaper as it is at the front. We would personally have put it at the rear so that squionking would be more user-friendly for all, but in reality this is minor bug-bear of ours and shouldn’t affect your overall experience greatly.


Our Review Verdict

Overall we give this vape mod a 8.5/10. Its highly user-friendly, looks great and provides you great power and durability for a mod. Lost Vape have done it again and created an awesome mod!

If you want to buy one checkout here. As always – comment and share our review! Thanks for reading.

Team European Vaping Supplies

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