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Joyetech vape mods are the technology aficionados’ choice

It’s only natural that if you’ve been in the vaping game for more than five minutes, you will start to become curious about the ways you can extract even more satisfaction from this already-rewarding activity. If there’s one set of products that can enable you to do that, it’s Joyetech vape mods, which are widely known for their superior technology.

But wait... what are vape mods?

OK, we’ll take you back to the beginning. While beginner vapers may be perfectly satisfied with standard e-cigarettes, if you want more control over your vaping experience, such ‘standard’ offerings might not be enough. This may lead you to look at the various personal vaporizers or vape mods on the market – these, as the term suggests, basically being modified e-cigarettes.

A vape mod device can turn typical vaporizers into powerful hitters to give you more from your vaping experience than regular kits allow. Vape mods aren’t the only types of e-cig mods commonly available – others including herbal vaporizers and mechanical mods – but if it’s technological sophistication, regulated circuitry, longer battery life and big vapors and flavours that you want, it’s hard to look past the vape mod.

So what Joyetech vape mods are available right now?

We did say that Joyetech vape mods were technologically sophisticated, and – well – plenty of evidence of that is forthcoming from such options in our present range as the Cuboid Tap TC Mod. This unique touchscreen temperature control mod utilises TAPTECH technology featuring touchscreen fire and adjustment buttons. It is a dual 18650 battery mod that fires up to 228 watts and supports nickel, titanium and stainless steel 316 in temperature control mode.

You’ll also get such features as a bypass mode, preheat function and stealth function in the Cuboid Tap, which is further known for its comfortable and lightweight chassis that lends itself wonderfully to all-day vaping.

But it’s far from the only impressive Joyetech vape mod that we can offer right now, with another being the Ocular C that has won rave reviews for its 1.68-inch colour touchscreen, support for custom screensavers with clock or images, and – of course – advanced vaping technology.

Would you like to find out more about just how impressive Joyetech vape mods can be? If so, simply browse the current selection that we have to offer here at European Vaping Supplies (EVS), and you’ll quickly realise how feasible it is to begin enjoying a vaping experience far above the norm.



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