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Is Cosmic Fog e-juice the best in the world? It might just be...

If there’s one thing that one cannot accuse the boys and girls at Cosmic Fog of, it’s a lack of commitment to making their e-juices the finest around.

While we have focused on British e-juice brands for many of our most recent blog posts, this time, we’re heading to sunny Orange County in California, where Cosmic Fog was founded and continues to produce some of the most satisfying e-liquids that you could hope to find either side of the Atlantic.

A huge amount of time investment... and it shows

As we’ve mentioned, a lot goes into the creation of the Cosmic Fog e-juice that you can obtain at a highly competitive price here at European Vaping Supplies (EVS).

An average – and yes, we do mean an average – of seven to 10 months is spent perfecting each flavour. Even once that’s done, the founders and mixers take a lot of time afterwards to use each e-liquid for themselves, to make sure it really has been blended for perfection for long-term use.

We think it’s fair to say that such time has been well-invested. Whatever flavour of Cosmic Fog e-juice you opt for, you can expect a hugely rewarding vape that doesn’t tire your tongue from the start to finish of the day.

With each bottle of Cosmic Fog e-liquid being mixed, bottled, labelled and wrapped in the company’s own laboratory clean room to help ensure that it arrives in your hands supremely tasty and contaminant-free, this is one e-juice brand associated with the very highest standards.

Discover Cosmic Fog’s many gorgeous flavours today

Some brands of e-liquid have relatively predictable flavours, but Cosmic Fog is emphatically not one of those brands.

Would you have ever specifically imagined an e-juice serving up a delectable blend of bubblegum, strawberries and passionfruit, for example? What about a chilly peppermint and tobacco blend coupled with smooth chocolate, or even a puree of Japanese Nashi pears, blended with a French inspired crème brûlée?

It’s just one more of the many aspects of Cosmic Fog e-juice making it the e-juice you simply must try this summer, whether you are a newcomer to vaping or have been a hardened practitioner for years.

Order enough of the stuff from EVS, and you might even trigger the free delivery that we are delighted to provide to those spending at least £50 with us in one order! That’s a more than good enough reason to turn Californian when it comes to all things e-liquids – at least for now.






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