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How T-Juice e-liquids are making Britain ‘Great’ again

No one from this quirky UK brand based in Wembley is entering politics any time soon (as far as we know!), but one thing they are certainly doing is making high quality, consistent and innovative e-liquids that, here at European Vaping Supplies (EVS), make us more than a little proud to be British.

Indeed, the very slogan on this brand’s bottles is ‘Tastefully Made in the UK’, and we can confirm that whichever of its exciting flavours you opt for, that is definitely what you will get.

Not only are these juices produced in the UK from the highest-quality ingredients, but strict batch control is also exercised to ensure such quality is preserved in every single bottle. On a lighter note, the brand was also the first to pair its e-liquids with abstract flavour names and images, which we know is as big a part of the experience for many of you as the flavours themselves!

So, what can you expect from our own T-Juice range?

The broad choice of T-Juice e-liquids that we have in stock at the EVS online store right now reflects the huge respect in which we hold the products of this brand that has been so critical and discerning with its e-liquid development process ever since it was established in 2012.

Your eye might be caught by one of the most recent additions to the T-Juice range, Clara T, which offers a subtle aniseed lick to really excite your taste buds. Or for a slightly more established favourite in the T-Juice range, what about Red Astaire, with its gorgeous taste of red berries and black grape coated by verbose overtones of sweet eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol?

TY-4, meanwhile, is T-Juice’s take on the vape classic RY4, with slightly more nuttiness and a sprinkling of Demerara sugar for some much-welcome sweetness. Then, there’s the fantastically delicious and full-bodied custard vape known as Colonel Custard. It’s utterly brimming with creamy flavour, and is already being declared the veritable King of Custards!

Don’t look anywhere else for your T-Juice fix

Do you really need us to tell you this by now? We do hope not! After all, here at EVS, we offer all of the advantages to those wishing to purchase T-Juice e-liquids, including a generous product selection, competitive prices and free delivery for orders of £50 or more.

Don’t hesitate to make our complete online store your choice when it comes to all things T-Juice e-liquids and other in-demand e-cigarette products.




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