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How frequently should you buy replacement atomizer heads?  

One of the subjects that beginner and more seasoned vaping enthusiasts alike often ask us here at European Vaping Supplies is how often they should replace their atomizer head. Also known as replacement coils or atomizer coils, atomizer heads are one of the two primary products required for vaping that must be regularly repurchased, the other being e-liquid.

Naturally, we allow you to buy replacement atomizer heads and e-liquid alike in our complete online store, but you may be unsure exactly how often you need to replace your atomizer coil. A lot of confusion prevails about this subject, not least as there are various factors dictating how long any given coil lasts and when it needs to be replaced.

What factors determine how often atomizer coils need to be replaced?

An atomizer coil is the part of an electronic cigarette responsible for heating the e-liquid so that it turns into vapour. There are two general types of coil, single-coil and dual-coil, so-named because while single-coil atomizers only have one heating element, dual-coil variants have two that simultaneously work to vaporise the e-liquid.

Factors that collectively determine an atomizer head’s lifespan include the e-liquid’s acidity level and propylene glycol/vegetable glycerine consistency, as well as how often the user vapes and the amount of power that runs to the coil.

Generally speaking, the more acidic your e-liquid is, the quicker your coil will burn out, with certain flavours – such as fruit ones – known to burn out a coil more rapidly. In addition, you can expect your atomizer head to need to be replaced sooner if the e-liquid has a higher VG content, given the much thicker consistency of VG than PG.

However, the most obvious reason for having to buy replacement atomizer heads frequently is probably regular vaping. Certainly, those who vape consistently over the course of a day can expect their coil to burn out in hours rather than days.

Look for the telltale signs of a coil burning out

With the most obvious signs of an atomizer head requiring replacement ranging from reduced vapour production and poor flavour production to leaking and gurgling noises, it may be obvious to you when the time has come for you to reach for a new one.

As for if you don’t have a new one... well, that’s the time to get browsing our site here at European Vaping Supplies to buy replacement atomizer heads from our extensive online range. We’re determined to help you to get the most out of your vaping!



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