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Halo is one of America and the world’s true leaders in e-liquids

We certainly believe here at European Vaping Supplies (EVS) in joining together in solidarity with our American cousins (even those who aren’t actually cousins), which helps to explain why we stock so many of the acclaimed e-liquid brands that you may have come across Stateside. One such American brand that has long won plenty of admirers on British shores is Halo.

The finest in vaping Americana

One thing we should stress straight away is that Halo is proudly American, but not in any kind of insular or jingoistic way – more in a pragmatic way, as part of its quest to ensure that it supplies only the very best e-liquids to both Americans and fans of its brand from around the globe.

The company produces all of its e-liquids in the United States, namely at its own highly sophisticated 100,000 square foot facility in Gainesville, Florida. It takes this approach so that it can exercise the utmost control over what goes into its e-liquids and how they are made, and having sampled them ourselves, we can’t argue with the results.

When you purchase Halo e-liquids, you can have confidence that they were made by a company that has specifically chosen to include every ingredient for your benefit. You can also be sure that the e-liquid has been made in a sterile environment by trained chemists, and that it was steeped properly – ‘steeped’ being the term for the process of an e-liquid’s ingredients being allowed to properly marry, so that the best possible flavour can be obtained.

What Halo e-liquids have we got in stock right now?

Where do we start? Perhaps with the Captain Jack e-liquid that really will shiver more than a few of your timbers, thanks to its very strong throat hit combined with a slight hint of rum? Or maybe the exhilaratingly flavoured Freedom Juice, which provides the perfect sweet finish for all-day vaping, or the refreshing Sub Zero that delivers a fantastically zingy, menthol flavour?

These are just a few of the extensive selection of Halo e-liquids that we are proud to stock here at EVS, as part of our commitment to bringing only the most satisfying e-liquids to British vapers. Why not pick up a few to try out now, while helping yourself to the free delivery that we offer for all UK orders of more than £50?




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