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Geek Vape Aegis 100w Box Mod Review – The Indestructible Mod

Hello Vapers!

We move from our review of the lightest mod ever yesterday (9 August 2017 – see Tesla Wye 200w Box Mod review), to a preview & review of the toughest, most indestructible vaping box mod today! There have been a few new seriously good box mods come out recently and our reviews have focused on these bad boys. Over future reviews we’re looking to add a bit more diversity for you all with reviews of some tanks, full vaping kits, and accessories.

Before we do that however, let’s crack on with today’s review of the Geek Vape Aegis 100w TC Box Mod!

The Overview

The Geek Vape Aegis mod has been designed with one thought in mind. The guys at Geek Vape were getting fed up of the fragility of vape mods and kits. For items that are so frequently used they sure did break easily. The more you use an item the prone you become to dropping it, causing damage, or wear & tear.

As such Geek Vape set out with one goal in mind, to create a TC box mod that was more robust, durable, and down-right meaner that any other on the market. One that wouldn’t fall foul of the usual issues box mods have as they get used more and more frequently. One could say they wanted to make the indestructible vape mod! The result: the Aegis 100w Box Mod!

Coming in a range of colours (Silver/Brown, Gunmetal, Yellow, and Stealth Black) this box mod is said to be shock-proof, waterproof, and dustproof! Making it a mod that should not fail!

So How is the Mod Built?

To make this a reality Geekvape built the mod on a durable C-frame wrapped in thick black rubber, and then further wrapped a leather exterior on the battery case which sits inside the C-frame. They’ve managed to do this and make “the most indestructible mod ever” all for the same price you would pay for a regular TC box mod that you might discard after a month or two. We have them on pre-order at European Vaping Supplies for £52.95!

We managed to get our hands on the Silver/Brown mod for this review and immediately once taking it out of the box felt that it was chunkier than most other mods. This wasn’t to say however that it felt unnaturally large in the hand or uncomfortable to hold. The Rubber C-frame allows the mod to be as ergonomic as possible, meaning we actually found the fit in our hand very comfortable!

The combination of leather and rubber also make for a comfortable hold, with Geek Vape making sure to use high quality products in this built. We think this is a pre-requisite for most box mods, however especially for a mod touted as the toughest on the market! Geekvape didn’t disappoint on this front.

One of the reasons the Aegis box mod isn’t too large in your palm is because Geek Vape have designed it as a single battery device, with the vape mod taking either 26650 or 18650 battery (to be purchased separately). It makes sense to us really, if you want to build a vape mod that is sturdy and indestructible, it’s outer layer needs to be thick, therefore the internal tech will have to be reduced in order to keep the mod a reasonable size.

The battery is by far the largest element of the internal workings of a vape mod and as such Geekvape decided to reduce battery space and lose some power. The Aegis therefore only goes up to 100w in power, making it a low-to-mid range mod in this sense – one for an everyday vape.

What we like?

The design of the Aegis mod is super-cool. You notice it straight from the box, and fits in your hand beautifully. It is a real “mans mod” and looks the part for a mod that is military grade shock-proof. Geek Vape have taken care to make the entire mod a strong and bold design with even the buttons looking and feeling more robust on the front of the mod. We think this is a major differentiator to other box mods and really enjoyed this difference. It’s nice to have something more unique on the market to vape with!

The OLED display is also very useful and looks the part. While not the biggest screen, it provides all the information you could need and allows you to easily adjust the mod to your specifications.

One cool feature we thought was the battery door being almost hidden. Keeping up with the military appearance, GeekVape decided to make the battery door unlocking a hidden ring which you have to screw off to insert your battery. We thought again this was different and unusual, but a very cool element of design.

Obviously it goes without saying that durability is a key feature of this mod. We love this fact and the marketing does not disappoint. It is something vapers (especially us) have been crying out for ages, mods that can take more hits and keep going. We think this mod may actually help develop the mods on the market to be more durable overall. It may not be the case that every mod will be “military-grade” but wouldn’t it be awesome if mods lasted twice as long?! That would be a huge improvement on the current box mods out there today.

The mod doesn’t give a bad vape for a 100w mod. It will never provide the clouds and power that some vapers will want, however for the majority of vapers out there 100w is more than enough to satisfy their needs. The vape is consistent and smooth from the mod and after using for a while there were no signs of over-heating or issues. It is nothing exceptional, but the mod does what we expect of it and with that we can have no complaints at all!

Note: When testing this mod we used a GeekVape Ammit 25 RTA to make it a full Geek Vape test. However, the 38mm thickness of the mod allows it to fit pretty much any tank on the market.

What didn’t we like?

The GeekVape Aegis mod is a solid performer and looks incredible, and in honesty there isn’t very much wrong with this product. One flaw we would pick out if we were pushed to find one is the wattage of the device. In comparison to a lot of box mods coming out recently 100w is low in power and therefore will not appeal to all vapers, especially those who thrive of huge clouds and monster vapes.

However, this isn’t so much as a flaw with the device as just the necessity based on what the mod is designed to do. Geek Vape wanted a mod that was indestructible and as mentioned above, this meant power had to be lost. We think that if this mod was a dual battery device it may be bearable to use but it likely be borderline too chunky to use as an everyday vape mod. We therefore agree with GeekVape’s decision to make this a single battery mod.


If this mod wasn’t something completely different that we expect to influence vape mods going forward to be better at handling shocks, water damage, and general wear & tear we would probably give this mod an 8/10 for looking awesome, providing a solid vape, but not hugely pushing the boat out due to lack of power. However, we love the Aegis box mod and think it could be a game changer for mods of the future! As such we’re giving this a 9/10 overall!

What are your thoughts? As always, feel free to comment and share this post with as many as possible!

Team European Vaping Supplies

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