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For some of the best in British e-liquids, look no further than Vampire Vape

In today’s uncertain times for the UK, from Brexit to a hung parliament, it’s always reassuring to see that certain things about our wonderful country don’t change. One of those things, as we are well-placed to recognise here at European Vaping Supplies (EVS), is brilliantly made e-liquid, as shown in large part by the Vampire Vape brand.

However, Vampire Vape e-liquids aren’t the product of some anonymous warehouse in London – as a matter of fact, the business is based in Blackburn in northern England, and has already come to be associated with the highest standards in e-liquid manufacture.

Whatever you want from your e-liquids – a lot of choice, unique flavours, the peace of mind of a long-established and trusted brand – you really can’t do better than what Vampire Vape can offer. The company’s vaping enthusiasts are continually developing new ranges and flavours in response to the latest trends, and you can bet that the fruits of such effort are strongly represented here at EVS.

What Vampire Vape flavours might you want to try today?

Vampire Vape e-liquids are spookily-named, so of course, it goes without saying that one of the options would be called Bat Juice. It’s full of fruity berries, while also having a subtle twist of aniseed.

Or for something that might feel a little more familiar to you if you’ve only recently transferred to vaping from smoking, what about such a delightful option as Sweet Tobacco, its classic light tobacco flavour also offering just a hint of sweetness?

We could similarly wax lyrical about the Western Smooth e-liquid, which provides a smooth tobacco flavour sure to be appreciated by all old school tobacco lovers.

Then, there are the Vampire Vape e-liquids that are such a treat, they’re almost literally a dessert. Yes, we’re thinking in particular of the Banoffee Pie e-juice infused with a lusciously creamy blend of banana and toffee that’ll leave you feeling, quite frankly, a little bit guilty.

These are just some of the many fine Vampire Vape e-liquids that you can nab for competitive prices right now at EVS. Indeed, when you also consider that you can have your order delivered for free when you spend at least £50, you might just be tempted to go on a very big shopping spree!


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