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Does the PG/VG ratio in your e-liquid really matter?

When you come to buy premium UK e-liquid from our store here at European Vaping Supplies (EVS), you’ll quickly realise how broad a range we offer. We’ve stocked e-liquids in seemingly every conceivable flavour, from milk and honey to marshmallow and blackcurrant. However, if you are new to vaping and purchasing e-liquids, you may have noticed the different advertised PG (propylene glycol) to VG (vegetable glycerine) ratios and wondered how much difference they make.

Generally speaking, the matter of how much VG and PG you have in your e-liquid comes down to personal preference. Nonetheless, it is useful to know the generally accepted ‘truths’ of the differences between the two to guide you in your buying choices.

VG means bigger clouds, whereas PG means flavour

While not all vapers unequivocally agree on the above statement, it is a widely accepted one among vapers. A given e-liquid flavour is largely determined by the amount of juice used and how it is mixed, but PG is generally agreed to be more effective at carrying flavours than VG. Not only are many food flavour concentrates made in PG, but VG is also known to mute or dull flavours.

However, while there is generally some argument about the above declarations, there is almost none about vapour production – basically everyone agrees that the clouds of vapour created by VG are thicker and larger than those of which PG is capable.

But those aren’t the only two factors...

It’s one thing to try to strike the right balance between vapour and flavour when you buy premium UK e-liquid from a store like ours, but there are also certain other factors to bear in mind. These include the greater “throat hit” that higher PG e-liquid is said to provide compared to higher VG e-liquid, which may be an important factor to you if you are a former smoker and used to love that “thump” of the smoke being pulled through your throat into your lungs.

Then, there is the matter of thickness. Juices high in VG tend to be thicker than those high in PG, so if you use a tank system for your vaping, you may have problems with getting high VG e-liquid to wick properly in your equipment, resulting in “dry puff” (a burning taste).

As aforementioned, ultimately, you will need to choose your e-liquids in line with your personal preferences, even if the above information should hopefully aid you in making more informed buying decisions. Buy premium UK e-liquid from the EVS online store, and whatever those preferences may be, you can be assured of consistently high quality and competitive prices.





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